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Frequently Asked Questions

Newark Location


How many people permitted ?

  • 100 people capacity


How long is given to set up ?

  • 1 Free hour prior the event for set up. (Not including time rented)


Can I set up the day before my event ?

  • Yes, only if the day before the event is available, $50 dollars per hour.


How long will I be given to take everything down ?

  • 1 hour is provided for breakdown, $50 dollar charge for additional time.


Does the venue provide chairs and tables ?

  • Yes, 6 round tables and 48 chairs

Can outside furniture be brought in ?

  • Yes, outside furniture is allowed. All furniture must be picked up same day, exceptions made for Saturday evenings and Sundays.


Am I allowed to decorate ?

  • Yes, decorations are permitted indoors only. No outdoor or hallway decorations allowed.


Is outside food/catering allowed ?

  • Yes


Is there a kitchen ?

  • Kitchenette available, Refrigerator as well.


How many bathrooms are available ?

  • Yes, 2 bathrooms.


Can I play music at my event/ have a DJ ? 

  • Music is to be kept at a reasonable.


Is WiFi provided ?

  • Yes.


Is there AC/Heat ?

  • Yes


Can I host a public event ?

  • No, private events only.

  • Business/Corporate related events to be discussed prior.


Is parking provided ?

  • Street parking only.

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